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What We Do

We set up, manage, strategize and run your Amazon and eBay accounts day to day moving towards a sales target. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on delivering the best possible product.

Our Credentials

Amazon Service Partner Network

We are the first ASEAN company appointed as part of the Amazon Service Partner Network. We provide training, consultation, advertising optimisation, brand management, Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Management, Fulfilment by Amazon and full Account Management services. Click here to view our official Amazon offers.

eBay Channel Partner

We are the first Malaysian company to be appointed as an official eBay Channel Partner. Together with eBay, we will grow, support, educate and guide the eBay seller community to greater success. We provide training, consultation, listing limit increase, issue management as well as full account management services.

Our Services


  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Export Market Research
  • Product Analysis
  • Platform Analysis & Recommendations
  • Brand & Marketing Strategy

  • Full Account Management
  • Listing Setup & Management
  • Sales Management
  • Search Optimisation
  • Content Marketing & Advertising
  • Customer Support

  • Order Fulfilment & Tracking
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics & Freight
  • Returns & Exchange Handling
  • Export/Import

  • Operations Training
  • Software & Solutions Training
  • Shopify Training
  • Amazon & eBay Training
  • Content & Marketing Training
  • Working with us in 3 steps!

    1. Establish Goals

    Tell us what your business goals are; how many sales you want to achieve, which markets you’d like to start selling in and what you’d like your business to look like a year from now.

    2. Work with A Team

    Now, it’s our time to get to work! We’ll conduct an analysis based on your brand and products. We’ll list your products onto Amazon and eBay, manage your online store, set out your digital marketing strategy and even fulfil your orders for you.

    3. Get Results

    We make all our decisions based on pure data. Accelerate your growth and get the results you’ve always wanted.

    Our Partnerships

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