Everpeaks BFM Joachim Sebastian

Everpeaks CEO Joachim Sebastian was interviewed by BFM Radio and shared about his entrepreneurial journey, and the opportunity for growth of export ecommerce.

23 October 2019 – One of our Founders and CEO Joachim Sebastian, or Jo to his friends and peers, had a session this morning on BFM’s  Open for Business with Audrey Raj. Jo talked about an array of topics with regard to ecommerce, including the ecosystem of, and the services offered by Everpeaks. He also shared about his entrepreneurial journey and how he went from a seller himself, to building a company that offers ecommerce consultation.


Among the topics that were discussed in the podcast:

  • Export ecommerce, and the opportunity for Malaysian companies to export
  • Elements that make a good product for export
  • Ecommerce manpower structure
  • Potential of export ecommerce and general forecast number of ecommerce growth
  • Manufacturer to consumer business models
  • Inaccurate assumptions about ecommerce

Here’s the link to the full podcast: www.bfm.my/…/open-for-business/ent-ofb-e-commerce-simplified

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