We are Proud to Launch Everpeaks’ Road 2 USA Programme for 2020!



What are we looking for?

To help ONLY FIVE Malaysian companies achieve a sales target of MYR100,000 per month during our programme. Do you have what it takes?

All YOU need to do as a seller is ship, and provide tier 2 customer support. We’ll get you the sales!

The PAIN POINTS we will address in this programme?

  1. Experienced Manpower 
  2. Export Ecommerce Strategy
  3. Operational Experience on Platforms
  4. Issues Management on Amazon and eBay
  5. Costing and Pricing for Export
  6. Logistics and Fulfilment
  7. Export Returns
  8. Sales Generation
  9. Marketing and Advertising
  10. Customer Support
  11. Content, and Content Strategy

What else are we offering with this programme? 

A 28% discount on monthly fees, and a whopping MYR6,500 deposit waiver for set-up on Amazon US and eBay USA. That’s savings of more than MYR54,000 during the entire period of the programme!

What is it going to cost you?

2 years of Ecommerce Managed Services for Amazon US and eBay US at ONLY MYR5,000 monthly (after discount) + 7% revenue share. 

Why Join This Programme?

  1. You get a 9-man team of experts assigned for your success. That’s more than RM30,000 in manpower* that you don’t have to pay for!
  2. We have more than 20 years of combined eCommerce experience at a partner level.
  3. You get access to special programmes from Amazon and eBay.
  4. Together, we can build a long-term Branded Export Ecommerce Sales Channel (the platforms are owned 100% by you).

*based on assigned manpower for your project.

Why choose Everpeaks?

  1. We are the ONLY Amazon Service Provider in Southeast Asia and eBay Channel Partner in Malaysia.
  2. We have 7 years of experience in Marketplace Brand Growth
  3. We are brand owners ourselves, and we know what works best for other brand owners.
  4. We have generated more than USD1,000,000 in sales for clients within a year.
  5. Our main goals are to escalate Malaysian Export Ecommerce, and Grow Malaysian Brands internationally.
  6. Our support for the government’s digitisation efforts is well reciprocated.
  7. We have unique Ecommerce Skill Sets to share, that is not available elsewhere.

Why Choose the USA?

  1. De-minimis allows B2C shipments of USD800 in value to be imported duty-free.
  2. High income per capita (normalised) of USD60,000. Better purchasing power.
  3. 3rd highest population in the world with 329 million people. 
  4. Consumer acceptance of Ecommerce for retail purchases is very high.

What Can We Guarantee?

You WILL achieve MYR100,000 in monthly sales within the 2 year programme period. If we fail, we will refund 50% of our monthly retainer.