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Fulfilment by Everpeaks Brand Owner Benefits Direct to Consumer M2C


In this case study, we are going to explore the problem statements of a possible American brand, and the viable solutions that Fulfilment by Everpeaks (FBE) can offer. Let’s name the brand owners Brad and Will. Brad and Will are childhood best friends who have always been the kind to create solutions for daily mundane problems. So after college, they decided to pursue their hobby and turn it into an actual business. Thus, Opgelos was born. Oplegos currently has only one product that addresses a very obvious inconvenience in the kitchen. They have created an ultrasonic device that is able to repel ants, flies, and other insects.

Here’s where Oplegos is at now.

  1. They have a high quality, working product. Their product has been scientifically proven to work, and they have only received good reviews from customers. Their product is not the only one of its kind, but it has a unique feature that allows it to address a gap in the market.
  2. As of mid end of 2020, the business has scaled and they are now a 10-man team. However, they have not raised enough money to scale further, and are suffering from cash flow problems.
  3. Their product is currently being sold on Amazon US, Amazon CA, eBay, and on their brand website. They have not figured out logistics for export sales, and have no plans for it yet.
  4. The marketing team understands their target audience, and they run in-house digital marketing. So far, things have worked well in their favor, and they even had a viral stint some time in early 2020. This allowed Brad and Will the opportunity to expand and hire.
  5. Brad has mentioned international fulfilment to his partner, and they are aware of the expensive shipping rate to product price ratio. Hence, the idea has been put on hold.
  6. They have been approached by potential partners and dealers from the Asian region about their product, because it will work especially well in tropical countries.

As you can see, Opgelos is doing really well. But it feels like their business has plateaued. Here’s how Fulfilment by Everpeaks can help with that.

  1. We know that Opgelos’ ultrasonic device works. We also know that it works even better for the right customers, and being a predominantly tropical region, Southeast Asia would be the perfect market for it. FBE can grant Opgelos access to the whole of Southeast Asia, and a fraction of the traditional fulfilment costs. Here’s how.
  2. The FBE Warehouse is a duty-free, high security warehouse that operates as a hub for fulfilment within Southeast Asia and beyond. By shipping their products to the FBE Warehouse, Opgelos will be able to fulfil orders to the entire region, and will only pay duties with every order that has been fulfilled.
  3. This allows for two main things.
  • Shipping costs will be significantly reduced when fulfilling orders to customers in Southeast Asia because the orders will be fulfilled from the FBE Warehouse.
  • Opgelos will have an increase in cash flow that should enable them to either purchase more inventory, spend on researching their next product, or for marketing.
  • If Brad and Will are looking to explore a (business-to-business) B2B business model for their product, the FBE Warehouse has enough shelf space for various business sizes, and can accommodate bulk orders by the container. Shipping in bulk to dealers and distributors will also be a lot cheaper from the FBE Warehouse.
  • If the plan is to sell direct to consumers, Opgelos can set up shop on local marketplaces and integrate them with the FBE System. The FBE System integrates with many active marketplaces, and Opgelos will be able to fully control their fulfilment, regardless of the size of order, from a single platform. This includes real time monitoring, tracking, and fulfilment of orders even from their brand website.
  • Opgelos will have the opportunity to start a hybrid sales stream consisting of both B2B and M2C (manufacturer-to-commerce) with FBE, and all at a fraction of the traditional costs.
  • Here's an infographic summary of how FBE works for Opgelos.

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