FBE Factsheet

Market Background

Southeast Asia is the future of business with rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, a largely youthful demographic, growing access to education, increase in internet penetration, and skyrocketing levels of mobile connectivity. It is an emerging market with 670 million people and has turned heads as the next consumer powerhouse with it being the most dynamic and the fastest-growing region in the world. 

The region’s internet economy was valued at USD100 billion in 2019, with a forecast of the sector to rise to USD300 billion by 2025. In just 4 years, the region’s ecommerce sector has tracked exponential growth with an increase of nearly 600% from USD5.5 billion in 2019 to USD38 billion last year. In 2020, the Malaysian ecommerce sector recorded a revenue of USD3.91 billion single-handedly. The ecommerce sector in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand is growing by more than 20% annually, with Indonesia and Vietnam leading the pack at annual growth rates of more than 40%.

Fulfillment by Everpeaks  (FBE)

Fulfilment by Everpeaks (FBE) is a duty-free, integrated warehousing and fulfilment solution that facilitates global Manufacturer-to-Consumer (M2C) commerce. The platform integrates marketplaces and websites, while connecting sellers with distributors and consumers, eliminating multiple layers of traditional retail operations and market barriers.

How FBE Works

Step 1: Shipment arrives at the duty-free warehouse in Malaysia from anywhere in the world.

Step 2: Once at the FBE Warehouse, all goods will undergo an inspection and  quality check by the FBE Warehouse team before being stored at their respective shelves.

Step 3: As soon as goods are stored, they will go live on all integrated platforms.

Step 4: Goods that do not pass the inspection and quality check will be moved to the resolution section and quarantined. Our resolution team will contact the client for further action.


FBE integration

FBE can be integrated with a wide range of ecommerce platforms from Southeast Asia. We will be starting out with integrations to Shopify, WooCommerce, Lazada, and Shopee. New integrations will be rolled out as soon as testing and reliability are established.


How to get started with FBE

Step 1: Go to www.everpeaks.com and fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Everpeaks will reach out to identify suitable product(s).

Step 3: There will be a proposal review, and contract sign-off and payment.

Step 4: Everpeaks will integrate and activate your account.

Step 5: Go live! You can start using your FBE account.

Benefits of FBE

  1. Duty-free Warehousing: The FBE Warehouse ensures that sellers retain full ownership of stored goods throughout the tenure, allowing them to capitalise on duty-free storage, and only be charged duties upon sale transaction.
  2. Centralised Omnichannel Inventory Management: The FBE System provides sellers with an omnichannel inventory management feature that can blend functionalities and be integrated with most ecommerce platforms. It is a complete logistics management solution that centralises orders, tracks inventory, and automates the fulfilment of orders received. 
  3. Operational Cost Reduction: FBE enables greater cost efficiency for sellers. With the consolidation, automation, and centralisation of inventory management, fulfilment and repetitive administrative overhead can be minimised while enjoying increased efficiency.
  4. On-Demand Fulfilment for B2B and B2C: The FBE System provides sellers with the ability to create, control and fulfil B2B bulk orders or B2C orders on-demand seamlessly,  any time, anywhere.
  5. Market Access to Southeast Asia: FBE removes market barriers and allows you to extend your reach with the opportunity to tap into new regional markets. It enables sellers to instantly access the Southeast Asian market with over 670 million people.
  6. Improved Buyer Satisfaction: FBE helps sellers meet evolving customer demands and expectations by shortening delivery lead time, and reducing OOS (out of stock) issues. This ensures higher customer satisfaction and seller ratings. Increased customer satisfaction rates lead to repeat purchases while higher seller ratings lead to higher conversion rates, subsequently increasing traffic.
  7. Time and Cost Saving: FBE removes the need for businesses to invest in offshore teams in order to expand into Southeast Asia. Our solution grows together with your need for expansion. We offer an operational cost structure, instead of a capital intensive one. This gives agility, flexibility, and scalability to companies that leverage on our infrastructure.
  8. The Ease to Expand Your Business within FBE: As businesses grow, so will sales, which typically results in increased use of inventory management solutions and storage. FBE provides sellers with the flexibility to increase storage capacity. Bigger storage capacity allows sellers to expand sales targets to a wider region.
  9. FBE Inventory: The FBE System grants remote management for sellers to create shipping plans, replenish inventory, track and monitor shipments, and other logistical transactions from anywhere in the world, flawlessly.


FBE outcome

Everpeaks®  has the potential to onboard and support up to 2000 clients. Our solution is scalable, robust, and built for export ecommerce.

Value proposition 

  1. Immediate upfront cost reduction for storage of anywhere from 5% to 35% with duty-free storage.
  2. Savings of more than RM12,500 per month in technology costs.
  3. Product packages that suit different business sizes according to need.
  4. Minimal risk, as there is no investment capital required.
  5. Logistics cost savings by localising and centralising inventory storage for Southeast Asian Market.
  6. Access to business expanding value-added services without needing to hire a local team within Southeast Asia.

FBE Launch Plans

15 January 2021: FBE is officially launched.

30 January 2021: First 10 first companies selected to be part of Pioneer Batch with added benefits.

1 February 2021: Early Adopter Batch goes live!.

1 March 2021: FBE to go live!

Upcoming plans for Everpeaks® 

Everpeaks® has more exciting projects that are tied into the vision of the company for the next 5 years - to enable Manufacturer-to-Consumer commerce globally. They are related, and at the end of the 5-year plan, will provide the necessary infrastructure to connect brands to consumers globally, regardless of size. Currently, Everpeaks® is focused on the operational rollout of FBE, and on ensuring an excellent experience for users of the service.