Ecommerce Growth Hacking Series

6 years ago, I began my journey in export ecommerce. I formed a team of like-minded individuals and we set course to develop our business. Together through thick and thin and with very limited resources, we secured more than 10000 orders with a value exceeding MYR 2 million per year in Brand Sales (we only sell our own manufactured products). Three years later, we formed Everpeaks Consulting because we realised that our knowledge and experience can be shared with and applied by any Brand Owner/Manufacturer to grow their business, especially on Amazon and eBay.

Last month, we reached another milestone in our business. We formalised our partnership with two of the largest ecommerce organisations in the world; Amazon and eBay. Everpeaks Consulting is the only eBay Channel Partner in Malaysia and Amazon Service Provider Network Member in South East Asia! We specialise in generating brand sales, which is far more challenging, time consuming, and resource-heavy in comparison to trading goods that already have a brand following in the market.

Today, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the Everpeaks eCommerce Growth Hacking Training Series. Each part of the series is named after different mountains from around the world, representing the challenges that entrepreneurs will face in building a successful eCommerce business. Each session from the series will cover a specific theme and incorporate real world tools, strategies, and methodologies that have been applied to our existing clients, generating an average of MYR 1.06 million in Revenue per year.

What makes us different? We don't do textbook stuff. We share our "secret sauce" for export ecommerce success.

This series is mainly targeted at entrepreneurs with ongoing Amazon and eBay businesses, because the content that we will share is best suited to those who are familiar with the platform, and are operationally involved with its management.



Module 1 - The Ideal Product

Module 2 - Omnichannel Growth

Module 3 - The Product Engine


I will be hosting these sessions personally, and really look forward to seeing you there.


Joachim Sebastian

Founder - Everpeaks Consulting

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