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Fulfilment by Everpeaks (FBE) is more than just a fulfilment service. We provide a technology platform that integrates all of your selected marketplaces and websites seamlessly with fulfilment, on a single centralized system. Take full control of your inventory and fulfilment from a single platform. What’s even better is that our system runs at real time, is applicable to any business size, and the Everpeaks Warehouse is duty-free.

As an example, let’s talk about an SME brand owner from Malaysia who sells affordable women's jewelry and accessories. Let’s call the brand Ashadiyah.

This is where Ashadiyah is at, as of 2021.

  1. They have been in business for just over a year, and have created an array of their own designs. The products range from earrings, to bracelets, and purses. Every single one of their products are designed by the owner, Amirah Suhaimi, produced in China, and shipped directly to customers from the manufacturing plant through a shipping agent in China.
  2. The business is run entirely by Amirah and sometimes with the help of her husband. She does not have any employees, nor any external investment. Amirah independently does the A to Z of fulfilling her customers’ orders.
  3. Ashadiyah products are currently being sold organically on Facebook and Instagram, and direct to customers on Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon US. Amirah has found a niche market in the USA, and has established a small brand image on Amazon. However, the sales on Amazon only make up about 5% of her total sales which is roughly around USD4,000 per month.
  4. As is the case for many businesses, Ashadiyah suffers from a high rate of returns. As their production increased, they were challenged with even more returns especially from Amazon US, mainly because all products were shipped directly from China, and there was almost no quality control.
  5. Ashadiyah’s sales are at about USD4,000 per month with very limited marketing and ad spend on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. Amirah is still trying to figure out how to optimize her ads for Ashadiyah, and how to rank better on Amazon.
  6. During the 11.11 sale of 2020, one particular product line gained traction, and it was listed on all of Ashadiyah’s platforms. The problem was that Amirah had a difficult time keeping track of inventory, because she needed to ensure that the stock synced across all platforms. The surge of orders resulted in a number of cancellations because the delivery lead time was affected by the lack of control of inventory. In total, Amirah missed out on about USD1,000 worth of orders.

Now, let’s take a look at how Fulfilment by Everpeaks can help Amirah with scaling her business.

  1. FBE has the capability to operate as a local distribution center for the whole of Southeast Asia. This means that instead of shipping her products directly from China, Amirah has the option of bulk shipping her products to the FBE Warehouse, and then fulfilling orders from there through the FBE System. How is this better, you wonder?
  2. For starters, the FBE Warehouse is duty-free. That means, there can be any number of Ashadiyah products stored in the warehouse with no duties paid. Duties seem like a small amount to deal with for an SME, but as you scale your business, a duty-free inventory space will mean a significant amount of cash flow. This cash could be use for a multitude of things such as marketing, purchasing inventory, etc.
  3. Aside from that, the FBE System enables a fully centralized integration of all the marketplaces and platforms that Ashadiyah is selling on. This allows a real time view of all stock on the FBE System, synced across all platforms. Amirah will never have to worry about figuring out her stock movement again..
  4. Fulfilment by Everpeaks also allows Amirah to have full control over her fulfilment. This means that she can fulfil orders that come in from any platform through the FBE System, and the products will be shipped to her customers from the FBE Warehouse. FBE has a complete and robust delivery network across every region in the world.
  5. By bulk shipping orders from China, and fulfilling orders from a single hub, Ashadiyah will be able to employ much cheaper shipping rates, especially within Southeast Asia.
  6. Finally, the FBE Warehouse has a fully functional operational team that includes a quality control process. Every item that is shipped into the warehouse is inspected and quality checked to ensure that they are fit to be shipped out to consumers. With FBE, Amirah will have much better control of her business, and have the capacity to scale internationally.

Here's an infographic summary of how FBE works for Ashadiyah.

Fulfilment by Everpeaks Brand Owner Benefits Direct to Consumer M2C