eCommerce Product Strategy - eBay (IPSE)

eCommerce Product Strategy - eBay (IPSE)

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As the first eBay channel partner in Malaysia, we are committed to providing outcome based training sharing the experience that we have growing brands from Malaysia. Our focus is sustainable growth in compliance with platform policies and adding a twist of what has really worked for us. The training above covers the product aspect of eBay and we have another one specifically for the platform portion. These modules are newly created and I am personally conducting this year's training myself! Looking forward to seeing you there

- Joachim Sebastian


Location: Worq Subang
Time 10am-4pm

Prerequisite: eBay onboarding
Experience Level: Intermediate 
Suitable for :
Business owners, eCommerce Managers, and Product/Brand Owners
Training outcome :

  • Learn how to list a product
  • Product optimisation
  • Keywords and Description
  • Templates for eBay
  • Picture and graphics
  • Product mix
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Part Compatibility
  • Pricing Strategy

Platform requirement: Live and working eBay US account