Leaving Feedback for Buyers and Responding to Feedback on eBay

As a seller on eBay, you can leave feedback for your buyers the same way they can for you. It is a great way to acknowledge them as your customers, and potentially build a buyer-seller relationship. Ecommerce customers are known to come back to the same seller if they are satisfied with the service.


How to Leave a Feedback for Buyers?


Leaving feedback for a buyer is pretty straight forward. Just follow these steps:


1. On your dashboard, click on “Orders” and select “All Orders”.


2. You will arrive at a page with all your orders listed. Select the buyer/product you wish to leave a feedback for and click the downward arrow for a drop down menu of actions. 


3. Select “Leave Feedback”. It will redirect you to a page where you can choose a default positive remark, or you can insert a custom comment. 




4. Select “Contact Buyer”. You will be redirected to a different page where you can leave a comment or remark about the  buyer. 


eBay does not recommend for sellers to leave negative comments about their buyers, hence why there is no "negative" feedback option. 


Responding to Feedback from Buyers


Feedback left for buyers cannot be changed, but feedback left by buyers for sellers can. Sellers may respond to feedback left by buyers by either commenting on the feedback which can only be done once, or by requesting a feedback revision. When a seller requests for feedback change, the buyer will receive an email and are given the right to accept or decline. 


Regardless of what feedback you receive as a seller, the best way to respond is in a positive manner. If you choose to comment on a negative feedback, be constructive about it because it will be publicly visible. Your reputation as a seller is very important to eBay’s algorithm. 


It is recommended that sellers respond to as many feedbacks as possible with a positive note. Even a simple “thank you” would suffice. It gives a good impression and buyers are likely to return to your store as customers. To reply to a feedback, you can follow these simple steps:


1. Go to your feedback profile page and select “Reply to Feedback”.


2. Next, choose the feedback you wish to reply to and select “Reply”.


3. Leave your comment and click “Leave reply”.


Wondering how you can leave feedback as a buyer? Check out our previous article here. You can also read more about eBay’s feedback policies here.



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