Everpeaks Founder Gets Invited As A Keynote Speaker At The White Label World Expo

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Everpeaks Founder and CEO Joachim Sebastian will be representing the region as one of the keynote speakers at the White Label World Expo in three countries.


1 June 2020


The White Label World Expo is the largest exhibition in the world that brings together professionals from the ecommerce ecosystem including brand owners, manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers. The event is held in multiple locations around the world, focused on three major economies - the USA, the UK, and Europe.

As Founder and CEO of one of the only accredited ecommerce enablers in the region, Joachim Sebastian has been invited as a keynote speaker alongside other industry defining individuals such as Oliver Klinck from eBay, Claudia Studtmann from Facebook, John Paul Makilya from Alibaba, and many others. He will be speaking about a fundamental shift in the world of ecommerce - The Growth of Manufacturer to Consumer Commerce (M2C).

The founder believes that the visible exponential growth of ecommerce in the last three months calls for an imminent change in the existing foundation of distribution channels, and Everpeaks will push forward with their plans to be a leader for that change.

Joachim will be speaking at three scheduled White Label events; Frankfurt, Germany in October 2020, London, UK in February 2021, and Vegas, USA in March 2021.

To sign up for the event, visit https://www.whitelabelexpo.com, or get in touch with us.


About Everpeaks

Everpeaks is a fast-growing multi-channel ecommerce consulting company, founded in 2016 by Joachim, and his two partners Andri and Sam. Over a span of four years, Everpeaks has developed strong partnerships with eBay, Amazon, and Payoneer, becoming the only eBay Channel Partner in Malaysia, the only Amazon Service Provider Network in Southeast Asia, and a Payoneer Community Partner. We have also secured associative relationships with the Malaysian government as an eAggregator, and a National Ecommerce Strategic Roadmap (NESR) partner of the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). Everpeaks was also selected as a top 20 finalist of the ScaleUp programme by Proficeo.

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