Ecommerce: How FBE Provides A Smoother Means For Your Business To Sell Its Goods On Multiple Digital Platforms

selling goods on digital platforms

Of Eggs and Baskets

There is a simple and well-known adage that describes the need for any brand owner to sell their goods on as many different digital platforms as possible: putting your eggs in as many baskets as you can. Not only can this method increase brand awareness among a wider net of consumers, but it undoubtedly opens up the possibility for a higher revenue stream for your business.

However, while it may sound simple in theory, diversifying your business to sell on multiple channels, especially if you are an SME, can pose copious challenges to your business when implementing this particular ecommerce strategy. Essentially, This is because successfully positioning your business on various digital platforms is not as easy as setting up an account and listing your products (although many ecommerce platforms continue to advocate for such practices as a means to increase their number of vendors).

Of course, you can certainly give it a go, but you will quickly realize that without a proper, tailored strategy to simply manage these various digital platforms, your business is more than likely to end up having to deal with more complications than initially anticipated, akin to biting off more than you can chew.

Here are a few examples of problems that brand owners face when attempting to sell their goods on multiple ecommerce platforms:

A very time-consuming endeavor.

Diversifying your sales route from a solely brick and mortar store to include a digital one can certainly seem like an actual headache. Now, imagine what it would be like having to manage your brand across multiple ecommerce platforms? The truth is, without a rigid plan in place, most SMEs will find themselves tied down by daily platform management rather than business growth.

Each platform has its own set of rules.

The harsh truth here is that there are no two digital platforms that are alike. Each one will definitively come with its own set of rules and policies that your brand will ultimately be subjected to. Without proper knowledge of the fine print that governs each individual platform, this lack of understanding could potentially cause obstacles for your business in terms of what you can sell on a specific platform and how it can be sold.

An increase in business competition.

An increasingly competitive digital marketplace means having to incorporate a solid plan for your business to attract customers. Your brand would need to consider a strategy of how to differentiate your business and your goods in consumers’ eyes in order to ensure that your brand is the one that connects with potential customers, especially on the larger and more popular digital platforms.

How Fulfillment by Everpeaks helps your business sell on multiple platforms

By becoming an FBE brand owner, your business will be provided with instant integration into as many as eight different ecommerce platforms to begin selling your products. Through a centralized cloud system, you will be able to manage the sale of your goods across these multiple platforms in real-time, allowing for a smoother, hassle-free experience to control, track and fulfill your orders across all your digital stores anytime, anywhere.

Hence, by partnering with us, no longer will your business be bogged down with having to allocate more time to navigate the various rules and policies set by each ecommerce platform. Furthermore, you will negate the need to manage each platform separately, as our centralized system ensures that your ecommerce experience is made all the more simple by keeping all your goods listed and managed in a single place.


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