Customer Retention: How FBE Can Help Your Business Retain Your Customers

customer acquisition and retention

Customer Acquisition

For any budding brand owner, customer acquisition may seem like the most important and, at the same time, most challenging goal to achieve at the very beginning. After all, for most SMEs, having to battle it out against the marketing machinery of the larger conglomerates to secure a healthy flow of consumers to keep your business afloat can be a rather daunting task. However, as frightening as that imagery may be, it has also become quite evident that the ever-expanding world of digital ecommerce has undoubtedly broken down huge barriers by allowing the more modest businesses to increase customer acquisition through improved visibility in the marketplace. While this is certainly all well and good, a more convenient means of commerce does come with its fair share of new problems for a business owner like yourself.

Customer Retention

Although a more open and accessible marketplace is certainly beneficial as a means for business owners to gain more customers, the limitless variety and competition provided by such a marketplace have been shown to create a whole new problem that plagues most SMEs worldwide. This issue is known as Customer Retention.

It is one thing to become giddy over the prospect of acquiring a new customer to support your business and another to keep them coming back to your online store. This would require the allocation of further staffing, time, and a significant amount of funds to guarantee that your business becomes the most appealing choice out of the bunch to obtain a repeat order or subscription from your consumers. Unfortunately, in this day and age of unfettered shopping availability online, the process of customer retention is not nearly as simple as that of listing the lowest prices for your product against your competitors or offering “free gifts” with minimum purchases anymore, as a more demanding digital marketplace has resulted in an equally demanding and fickle consumer base where loyalties become increasingly difficult to retain.

With all that being said, as brand owners ourselves, we have developed a solution to this problem.

How Fulfillment By Everpeaks can help you retain your customers

By becoming an FBE brand owner with us, your business will gain immediate access to our team of highly-trained professionals to ensure that your customers’ needs are met on a regular basis and, therefore, keep them coming back for more. For merely a fraction of the cost of hiring your own in-house team to meet your consumers’ expectations, we will handle this responsibility for you and strive towards making your business establish a credible and attractive online presence to increase customer conversion rates and subsequently maintain their repeat patronage.

Thus, by partnering with us, you can rest assured that your business will have a hassle-free experience where customer relations are concerned, allowing you the much-needed legroom to switch your focus back to where it is most needed: creating exciting new products for your business as well as elevating your brand to new heights with us by your side.


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