BFM: The Business Station Talks to Everpeaks' Founder Joachim Sebastian About the Bantuan Prihatin Nasional

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Joachim Sebastian shares his thoughts in an interview with BFM on the stimulus package announced by the Malaysian government, with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic.


31 March 2020


The Prime Minister of Malaysia announced last week about the stimulus package for Malaysians called the Bantuan Prihatin Nasional, and the sectors that will receive funding from the package in an effort to reduce the impact of the pandemic to the Malaysian economy.

In the announcement, the initiatives mentioned as part of the package include EPF contribution deferrals, funding for the Special Relief Facility, and micro-credit financing for SMEs. As so, Joachim decided to share his thoughts about the package provided for SME's.

On his personal Facebook page, Joachim wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister, sharing his concerns about current and potential problems that SMEs and startups will face, and his recommendations on what can be done in order to curb the inevitable hit that business owners will take. The letter was well received by many entrepreneurs, which caught the attention of BFM, initiating his interview.

In the interview, Joachim talks about the importance of addressing the current situation as a business owner with full transparency within the company, and ensuring that the employees do not have to worry about their job security, and how the company plans to handle their finances. He also talks about how all companies should try their best to abide by the recommendations of the government, so we can battle the pandemic together and rise from it together as quickly and effectively as possible.

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