5 Tips for Facebook Advertising

If you’re an online seller, you’ll know that Facebook Advertising is something you simply cannot survive without nowadays. With over 1 billion active users online, Facebook has so much data in all their users you can’t afford not to use it. There are few platforms nowadays where you can test your ideas, products and campaigns for under $5 and reach thousands of targeted users. Here are our top 5 Tips for Facebook Advertising.

1. Assume Nothing. Test Everything. 

There is no winning campaign you can just create. It doesn’t matter how great of a marketer you think you are; it’s impossible to tell. Always create multiple versions of the same campaign and A/B test them. The truth is, there’s absolutely no way of knowing which ad will perform better unless you test them. When it comes to testing, your opinion goes out the door. It’s completely irrelevant and means nothing unless it is proven. Alter the ‘Call to Action’, change the wording slightly, try a different image and run tests. You don’t have to put much of a budget towards them, usually $20 will give you a clear winner already.

2. Know your Competitors

In a world where everybody is competing for a sale, you can’t afford to not know what your competitors are up to at all times. There is nothing such thing as ‘no competition’. You may think your product is superior to your competitor’s. But the reality is, if they’ve marketed their product better; they will win. Every time. If your competitor is offering 10% OFF on a campaign, you better make sure yours is 15%. It’s not because we’re battling for the lowest price; its just 15% is better than 10% and I’m sure your customers will also agree.

3. Know your Target Audience

Okay, let’s say you’re selling handbags. You might think your audience is women, ages 18-45 who live in Australia. Your audience needs to be closer to something like this. Married Women between 30 and 40, who have kids, drive a BMW, lives in Sydney owns a home. Diving deep into your audience and knowing them inside and out will make sure you can sell to your niche much more effectively.

There are plenty of tools on Facebook such as Audience Insights that will tell you exactly what pages your target audience likes, where they’re most engaged and what other interests they have outside of your targeted interest. Knowing all of this information is extremely important. It may seem like a bad idea to fish from a smaller pond, but it will boost your conversions and at the end of the day; that’s all that matters. Having too broad of an audience is like shooting arrows aimlessly and hoping for a hit.

4. Cater your Copy for your Audience

This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many advertisers try to target everybody with a few interests. This just simply isn’t enough nowadays with over 6 million advertisers on Facebook. Let’s say you’re selling a towel. Both male and female of all ages use towels, of course. Instead of setting one campaign to target both genders, split them up. Furthermore, split them up into age groups. You might advertise the same towel to males who enjoy doing sports and using it as a gym towel or a handy towel to have in their gym back. You might market that same towel to young women who enjoy going to the beach. That same towel can be marketed to mums who just simply always run out of towels at home and need more for guests. Re-writing the content to be as specific as possible for your audience will make them resonate with your ad more and ultimately becoming more effective. 

5. Think Long Term

The market is way too saturated nowadays for you to only think about short term gains. These days, you need a content strategy in order to sustain and build your audience. If you’re in the business of selling exercise equipment, write blogs and video tips on exercises or health tips. Don’t make them directly about your product. Rather, produce content you believe your audience would be interested in. This way, you’ll be perceived as an industry expert. You’ll be adding value to your prospects for free and when they’re read to purchase; you’ll be the first ones on their mind. Link your content on your Facebook Page and ad advertising budget to it. It goes a long way!

Hopefully these tips will give you better results for your investment! We’re always here to help so drop us a line at hello@everpeaks.com.