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On Amazon, buyers are not only allowed to, but also highly recommended to leave feedback for sellers from whom they make a purchase. However, feedback can only be left for 3rd party sellers.

What are 3rd Party Sellers?

They are two types of sellers on Amazon; brand owners and 3rd party sellers. Brand owners are sellers who represent themselves as a brand and sell their own product, whereas 3rd party sellers are any trader that sells a product that is not their own brand on Amazon.

How to Leave Feedback for 3rd Party Sellers?

To leave feedback for a seller, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to and you will arrive at the seller’s feedback page, or click “Orders” on the top right corner of your Amazon home page and arrive at the your order history page.
  2. Choose your seller/product and leave a seller’s feedback. You also have the option to review previous feedbacks. You can choose how many ‘stars’ to give your seller and be required to answer a few yes/no questions. Buyers are encouraged to also leave a comment in the comment section.
  3. Submit feedback.

It may take up to 3 days after completion or cancellation of order for the seller to show up in the list. You have 90 days from the date of order to submit a feedback.

Why Leave a Feedback

Feedback is very important to both sellers and potential buyers. Sellers need feedback from customers to know whether their service is good enough or if they need improvement. Potential buyers rely on reviews and feedback from previous customers to decide whether to proceed with a seller or not. Hence it is highly encouraged that buyers leave a product review and seller feedback for every purchase.

Leaving a Negative Feedback

Although some sellers may be difficult to deal with, it is recommended that buyers try to resolve any issue by getting in touch with the seller during a purchase rather than leaving a negative feedback after a purchase. In any case that a buyer decides to leave a negative feedback, the seller may request for a feedback revision. However, the authority to accept or decline the revision is in the customer’s hands. Amazon is all about customer satisfaction, but remember to be as responsible and reasonable as possible.

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